Can Something Suck and Blow at the Same Time?

In the grand old tradition that is Life, shit happens. And it just so happens that the universe took a giant shit on us when we woke up one day to see that our beloved was gone. Kaput. Poof. It was dust in the wind, spray in the sea, socks in the laundry machine.

To further rub salt in the wound, we learned that our content was essentially irretrievable. This was hugely upsetting because a lot of love was put into the content and layout of the website, so we held a minute of silence in remembrance of our favorite posts. But self-pity isn’t a good look for us, and we’re ready to move on — but not before stepping back to assess what we could improve from proto-DG2. There are lipsticks and pork-serving restaurants that need to be reviewed. There are current events that are begging to be mocked. Now we’re even more on fire that we have KPIs to fulfil and catching up to do; now we’re pissed.

The WordPress domain is a temporary solution until we get our .com back on its feet again. Until then, here’s to dusting off and trying again — it’s what Aaliyah would’ve wanted.

Endlessly and bitterly yours,
D + G


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